How long will I have access to the messages from Potty Princess?

Forever! We know that every child needs encouragement at different times throughout the potty training process, and it can take quite a while for your child to be “fully trained.” Sometimes they just might need an extra message from the P.P., or they just want to hear her voice. That’s why, upon registering your plush, you will have unlimited access to P.P. bank of messages for as long as you need


Will this help if I am already using a different potty training method?

It is not necessary to choose a single method of potty training - your child will benefit from a combination of verbal, physical, social, and other forms of training.The Potty Princess is not meant for teaching, rather as a consistent source of comfort, motivation, and added incentives.


Is she easy to wash?

Yes! Since, your P.P.’s home base will most likely be the potty, it is important that ease of washing is important. Also, she may be traveling with you to trips, hotels, grandma’s house to make those potties feel familiar too. Simply remove the cape, then hand wash in the sink or put in a garment bag in order to throw in the wash. 

Fun tip: If your child is afraid of being flushed down the toilet, toss P.P. in to show them that that’s impossible! Then give her a wash ;)

Are there any other versions of the Potty Princess?

We think it is so important to have a variety of Potty Princess versions so that every child can feel a strong connection to their plush. As our business grows, we will continue to put out P.P. of all ethnicities and genders.