Steps To Introduce Plush

Hello Potty Princess, Goodbye Diapers

Potty Princess is the newest way to help potty train your child. This plush is the perfect way to encourage your child to feel comfortable using the potty. If your child is not showing readiness signs, introduce the plush to help start the conversation!

Here’s how it works:

#1 Purchase a Potty Princess plush for your home - most of our customers like putting it in the bathroom to associate it with the potty. The plush is washable and easily transportable, since potty training needs to continue outside the home.

Fun tip: When first introducing your PP, leave a trail of toilet paper to lead your child to his or her exciting new playmate.

#2  Use the included patches to set milestones with your child. The patches are your rewards system; giving your toddlers joy in customizing their Potty Princess, allowing them independence in choosing their patch, and providing fine motor skills with velcro practice!

Teacher tip: Through the patches, children will visually see their reward on a consistent basis. Choice is key when it comes to motivation and incentives that actually work! 

#3 Register your plush to access messages from the Potty Princess herself! The messages were developed to encourage your child’s progress through positive reinforcement and are the perfect extra push before, during, or after using the potty.

‘Adulting’ tip: It’s been a long time since you’ve been a toddler, and it’s hard to know the right thing to say- let the Potty Princess do the work!